September 15th, 2002


And on that note, we cue the music.

Looooonnnnng day! I stayed up WAY to late last night. Went to "Look Ma, No Pants show last night with HellBob, chebutykin, sleepingzebras, and Mark. Wheee! I hadn't been before & it was really funny! Of course, no one warned us about the pants donations, so we abstained. It was an 11 pm show ending somewhere around 12:30ish. Of course we were silly enough to go to Perkins after... We'll just ignore the fact that it was a silly thing to do when I knew I would be getting up at 6:45 am. Argh. Human beings are not meant to see that time of day. And especially NOT on weekends! But my friend Dawn was going to be at our house between 7:15 & 7:30ish so we could head down to K102's Fan Jam, not so lovingly referred to as HickFest by HellBob. But I like country music! So sue me! Anyway, it is an all day affair with 8 acts or so (for less than $30!!) and since country fans are so much more civilized than your average rock fan, everyone brings blankets and/or chairs & sets up in rows & that is pretty much your spot for the day. If you want to wander back to get overpriced food, you just have to take your purse/camera/etc & you can leave your blanket & chair & when you come back, they will still be there undisturbed. Just try that at Ozzfest! We got pretty good seats & I think I got a few really good photos. Then Dawn & I stopped at the VFW right near home for a few drinks & HellBob came out to join us. All in all, a good day!

Computer dead. Actually it's more like a coma. A coma with brief periods of awakefullness. As I was getting my daily dose of LJ on Thurs, computer froze. Ugh! Tried reboot. It beeped & the screen was blank... *loud voice* "Rick, I think I broke my computer" Just what every computer tech geek wants to hear... Seems to be a heat issuse. It will run for about a five minute spurt before deciding it is done. HellBob's building new computer for himself so I can take his old one is suddenly number one priority! This is not the first issue with mine, it is just the most significant! So not only am I seperated from *my* computer, but I now have to compete for computer time with games! ick! Want my own computer!
Decided to color my hair. Last time I did this was about 1996 or so. Came out a dark auburn, kinda reddish, barely noticable in some light, bright in sunlight! I like it so far. I actually got HB to help w/ the coloring and as he's about 1/2 done the doorbell rings & in bounces sleepingzebras, freshly arrived for Look Ma, No Pants. HB had a brief moment of preparing to be embarrassed when someone saw him coloring my hair. Then when he saw who it was he was quite relieved. Someone who has had blue hair wouldn't be too judgemental of him helping! A husband who will color hair... What more does any woman need!

Now it is way past my bedtime. Must sleep!