September 16th, 2002


Good shot! OK, he's dead, that's another one for the fire.

HellBob listens to NPR while he is getting ready in the mornings, while I am still all snug & asleep in bed. Then he comes in & turns on the light which wakes me up, like it or not...Today when he came in, and I was trying to focus on the bright, cruel world & work up the energy to start getting ready for work he asked if I had heard the news on the radio while he was listening. I blinked, yawned & said no. His next words were kind of a shock. "There was a fire at your aunt's hotel" My Aunt MaryEllen & Uncle Rich own the Phipp's Inn which is a B&B in Hudson, WI. Of course Kathy called & left a message on the answering machine to call her. She had heard about it from one of the other sisters who had seen it on the news. Uncle Rich was up north & the inn was empty except for Aunt Mary Ellen & one guest in the very upstairs room. The guest had been using the gas fireplace & it just started smoking when she turned it off. They both got out safe with no injuries, thankfully. The fire dept contained it & the room where it started was the only one with fire damage, although there is some smoke & water in other parts of the house. It's going to be closed for about 2 months.
This house is absolutely gorgeous! It is exactly what you think of when you think of an old Victorian house (except maybe the whirlpool spas in each room might not be Victorian.) Since they bought it a couple years ago, it has been the official place for Christmas eve.
*sigh* fire sucks.