September 27th, 2002


We've been aware there's some very serious vampire activity in this town for some time.

I finally went to Memorial Blood Centers today to let the vampires have at me.
It's a pretty lengthy process for me usually, 'cuz instead of a pint of whole blood I give 2 pints of platelets. It takes about 2 hours because they pull out blood, spin out the part they want, put the rest back. As long as you don't mind a needle in your arm for 2 hours it's no big deal.
I hadn't been there since June because first I came down with the Martian Death Flu, then I took ibuprofen the day before my rescheduled appointment & realized my mistake an hour later.
So today I was all settled in with my book & fuzzy blanket & headphones. Then the lady says "oops" That's something you should never hear someone sticking a needle into you say. Luckily I'm totally fine with needles once they break the skin. It's the initial sticking in part that I can't watch. Apparently she couldn't hit the vein right or something. So we switch to other arm. No big deal.
Other arm seems to be doing fine & I'm just starting my 3rd return & it feels weird so I screamed bloody wait, that's not it... oh, I just told one of the ladies "This feels weird" She peeks at it & the blood is going onto my arm instead of into it. This is not what is supposed to happen.
Apparently my body did not want me donating today. And now I'm deferred for the standard 2 months because the red blood cells were never put back. Normally you can do platelets every 3 weeks, cuz they regenerate faster than the red guys.
Now my right arm looks like a medical experiment gone awry. Big dark dark purple stain. If anyone asks I'll just tell them I didn't get HellBob his beer fast enough. hee hee
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