January 18th, 2003


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I am alive and well. Ok, I'm alive.
My knee hurts a little, but not too bad. The biggest problem with my knee surgery is that it has gotten my sleep schedule all wonky. I was awake at 4 am yesterday. But that is the beauty of taking time off to recover. You just take pain killers as needed and drift in and out of consciousness with no care as to what time it is. I've got this annoying brace that keeps my leg straight that I have to wear until next Wed when I see Dr W again, but at least I can take it off & bend my leg as long as I wear it anytime I am walking.

We had a wonderful visit with bloodlossgirl & sleepingzebras last weekend. Friday Hellbob & I headed over to passaddhi's house where he cooked up a lovely dinner and we chatted and watched Ice Age.
Then on Saturday, UZ &BLG showed up around noon and after checking movie listings we rushed out the door to go see 25th Hour. Excellent movie! And Edward Norton is quite yummy. When we got home from the movie we discovered a chebutykin who had gotten off of work early. So, since our house has been unofficially dubbed the HellHouse we of course had to watch the documentary Hell House It was both funny and scary in a "I can't believe these people are real" kind of way. It is about a haunted house that a church put on with "real" horrors. A girl has an abortion, bleeds to death & goes to hell. A man is gay, dies of AIDS & goes to hell. A girl goes to a rave, is drugged & raped, commits suicide & goes to hell. Are you sensing a theme yet?
Hellbob & I had see this movie at the Central Standard Film Festival and just loved it.
Later in the evening both cajones and lexinatrix showed up also. Sunday morning Cheb was successful in her first atempt at pancakes.
Not much was going on the rest of the week until Wednesday when I went in for my knee surgery. Just a simply arthroscopic clean up on my left knee.
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Jumping on the bandwagon

Since just about everyone else has posted this I'm going to also!

Suggest to me, from what you know about me:

1. A book
2. An author
3. A song
4. A movie
5. An artist/band
6. A CD
7. A website
8. A new LJ friend
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