February 16th, 2003



Now that I have a digital camera I can subject you all to pictures of my cats, because they are the cutest cats in all the world! This is our little baby girl, Lump. She is gonna be 3 years old this April.


weekend in review

Friday was lots of fun. We went to Chili's for dinner, and thanks to their wonderful call ahead deal we didn't even have to wait to get seated. I just love their chicken crispers! Although Lisa's steak did look very yummy.

Then after dinner it was off to Daredevil. The theater was surprisingly empty. I think me & hellbob were the biggest comic geeks there because there were several times when we were the only two in the theater laughing. Lots of artist's names were dropped at various places. I don't think a lot of people in the theater knew who Romita, Quesada or Kirby were...

The movie wasn't quite as good as we were expecting, but it was fun nonetheless. Of course y'all know I could watch a movie with Ben sitting in a corner and I'd love it!

After the movie we headed over to St. Paul to catch Filthy Divine at the Lab. We only caught the last 3 or 4 songs, but the band was great, as usual. I tried to take pictures, but only got about 7 or 8 before the battery died. I had just gotten it that afternoon, and besides the fact that I had spent much time playing with it to figure out how it worked, I'm sure the battery also wasn't fully charged.

We were gonna hang out with Nick and the band at the after bar party, but by 2:30 they still hadn't shown up at Sasha's, so we went home. I am too damn old to stay out that late!

Saturday hellbob and I woke up at about noon. HB's first words were "I'm old." We just kinda lounged around for most of the day watching tv. Then at about 7:00 we headed over to Nel's & Wendy's for the evening. It was a lot of fun. One couple that they had invited brought their dog. Or I should say DOG. It was a Woolly Akita and she was HUGE! She was also very sweet and very pretty. I had never seen an Akita with long hair before. We stayed out way too late & got home about midnight.

Sunday, I finally dyed my hair. It is now "plush plum". Then I worked a little more on cleaning out the craft room. My comfy green chair moved out to the living room, since the recliner is slowly dying. And at 5:00 I took off for the full moon.

Long weekend. Don't want to go to work tomorrow!
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