February 27th, 2003



I just checked last semester's grade online and I got an A! 4.0 grade average! (Not as impressive if you know that I'm only doing one class at a time, but still.....) Go me!

It was so beautiful out today! This is the beauty of being a Minnesotan. You suffer through such cold weather, that even when it is still technically cold, you think it's nice. Hell, even the ducks thought it was nice out. There is a pond right near the smoke break area at work, and it has an aerator so there are ducks & flying vermin there all winter. We got to see the joys of duck sex today. It's really kinda funny. The male & female bob their heads at each other for a while, then the male hops on for all of about 3 seconds. Then he races in circles around the female like he's so proud of himself. You just wanna tell him "Hey buddy, three seconds is nothing to be proud of!"

It sucks when you fill your gas tank for $1.61 a gallon and that's a good price. Ack!

It's Friday tomorrow!! Happy Snoopy Dance!!
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