March 17th, 2003



Dear A$$hole on Hwy 62 this morning,
I would like to thank you for helping me check if my heart was still beating. Although I appreciate you making sure I am awake by blasting along at 70+ miles per hour on a foggy no visibility day, in the future why don't you just put a gun to your head so that if you die, you don't have a chance to take me with you. I was going 55 mph, I checked my mirrors, then I looked over my shoulder before attempting to move to the left lane. Silly me, I never though to assume that you would be moving so fast that you wouldn't be visible until I was halfway into the lane. My heart survived the adreneline blast, and I managed to stop shaking about an hour later. I hope you survived too, so that you can learn from your idiocy.
Who needs caffeine when you have drivers like you?
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