March 31st, 2003


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Spent way to much time inhaling chemicals this weekend. I really need to have dad put in the exhaust fan for my darkroom. At least I feel like I accomplished something with the prints I got done. I figured that seeing as how I've got a darkroom, maybe I should work on putting together some sort of portfolio. I finally made contact sheets for the rest of my B&W negatives, so now they are all organized in a binder with negs & contacts together. Organization is a good thing! Unfortunately I don't have my proofs of the pics I took of Filthy Divine anymore, so I'll have to drag out the loupe to look at the contacts to decide which to print up 8x10 for the portfolio.

Hellbob & I went to Buca tonight for dinner! Mark found a gift certificate yesterday that expired today, so it was a last minute kind of thing. I'm stuffed! At least HB can't complain about my garlic breath since his is just as bad! We're going out to eat on Thursday also. We're taking our neighbors out, cuz we got a check in the mail from Saturn for refering them. Anyone have any suggestions on someplace yummy on the Mpls side of town? I'm not really big on veggie heavy foods. I'm a carnivore!
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