April 8th, 2003


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Hellbob & I are definitely not going to San Diego Comic-con this year. It's just not an option financially. We could do it, but then would use up our savings, and since we've never actually *had* savings before, I would like to enjoy them for a while. We could deal with the cost of the flight, or the hotel, or the cost of the convention, but just not all the costs added together. Especially since it looks like we can't get an ultra cheap timeshare exchange for that week. As soon as we get the dates for 2004 we will go to work trying to get a room for that week.
So, I have the 14th through the 21st of July off. What should we do? I can also let work know if I don't want any of those days so as to save for later in the year...I'm thinking maybe since I won't be going to San Diego of maybe letting the 14th-16th go and just doing Thurs-Mon off. Maybe a road trip...