April 21st, 2003


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Didn't do much this weekend. Went to Bulletproof Monk, and it was ok, not great.
On Sunday we went over to the Foley's because Nicki & Mom Foley were down for the weekend. Why spend Easter with the family you were born to when you can spend it with the family you picked! Hellbob & I brought a porketta with, and Mom Foley had made her yummy spagetti sauce, and Lisa had made yummy cheesy potatoes. I did break my diet, but I had some restraint and didn't have too much of everything. I don't think that one day will make too much of a difference.

After work today I picked HB up downtown and we trucked on over to Uncle Hugo's for the Laurell K Hamilton signing. As I was driving to get HB I realized that when I left the house at 7:30 am (about 3 hours before my brain actually turns on) I had forgotten to grab the book I was going to have her sign - my advance reader's copy of Carress of Twilight. *sigh* Oh well. We picked up the new hardcover that I hadn't gotten yet, so we got that signed. Then I was going to get a picture of her and discovered that even though I had plugged the digital camera in over night, one of hte plugs was loose & therefore it didn't charge. And it was DEAD. *sigh* I'll just get one of Chebs pictures from World Horror.

When HB & I finally got home there was a package waiting for him. It was a bathrobe he had ordered from a king size catalog. It is size 5X tall. It's actually big on him! He is so excited. Since he is freakishly tall (6'6") he hasn't had a robe fit him like that since he was 10! Then Cheb wandered up & told me that the postcards she had gotten me were in the books on the counter. They were a couple of my Laurell Hamilton's that she had snagged off the bookshelf & taken with her to get signed without telling me! I have a cool roomate! So while I had forgotten the one I wanted to get signed, I ended up with 3 signed books instead of just one! And I got cool morbid curiosity postcards.
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