May 15th, 2003


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Ack! Apparently the company hellbob works for decided that their employees were just there for the fun of it, and didn't really want their paychecks today! Luckily, we actually have savings at the moment so if it is going to be delayed 'til next week we will be just fine and won't have to put any bills off. Hulk smash!!

What a gorgeous day it was today! Too bad I had to spend it working...

Didn't lose anything last week... :( but the dietitian had told me to expect a plateau for a week or two right when starting a new exercise routine while my body adjusts. So I was kind of expecting it, but wasn't happy about it. I was getting used to that 3 to 5 lbs per week. I can now visibly notice a bit of a difference in my tummy, and the few pairs of button up pants I have (rather than my comfy stretchy knit ones) are feeling a bit looser! This losing weight thing just kind of amazes me, since I have never dieted before in my entire life!

I want to go to California! It's been a little over a year now since HB & I took our vacation out there so I've been majorly jonesing for another fun trip. And of course it's always a cool thing to get to see scubagrrl and scubagrrlhusband. Which reminds me, I must call her to chat & to work on convincing her that she MUST come to Minnesota in July for CONvergence. :)

I also want to go to DragonCon. Lots of Farscape stars there, and one of my all time favorite authors who is so old I'm afraid she'll die before I get a chance to meet her: Anne McCaffrey!
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