June 12th, 2003


The fun just never ends...

More photos:

There are from the Dixie Chicks concert.
This first one is an overview of the cool stage setup:

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I love my digital camera! These were all shot from row 26, which is the last row of the lower level.
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The prettiest cat ever

Went to PetSmart with the Lumpy-girl and everyone thought that she was just the prettiest, mostest sweetest thing ever! And of course there was much amazement over a cat who just sat in the top of the cart without meowing, or trying to jump out, or freaking out over dogs. There was a 10 month old Bouvier puppy that was HUGE and cute and super soft. I petted her for a while and Lump just ignored. I also checked out the up for adoption cats cuz one of the worker people had told me that there was a calico tabby cross there. It was a muted calico & light brown/cream tabby. Not nearly as gorgeous as Lump, but prettier than your average cat.
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