July 16th, 2003


(no subject)

I was browsing the Fall schedule for NHCC and none of the 4 classes I need before applying to the Graphic Design program are offered as night classes this Fall or Spring. I'm beginning to doubt that they ever will be. I think I'm going to have to look into Minneapolis Community and Technical College. I'm not sure why I didn't consider them before. They do have a Graphic Design 2 year degree. And it looks like they are much more night-class friendly. Apparently the goal is to see just how many different higher education institutions I can fit on to my transcript. This will be number four. Actually number five if you count the photo class that I took at Metro State, but that was mainly to get back in the darkroom groove cuz I have way more photo credits than any of the graphics programs require. I just feel like I really nned to keep pursuing this and not give up. Especially now that I know that I have ADD and that may have been a big factor in my dropping out of college originally. Why didn't I appreciate mom & dad paying for it when I still could??? Being a grownup sucks sometimes. I need to win the lottery!!