July 23rd, 2003


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My journal is pretty now! I switched to this funky S2 thing that is all the rage. Thank you minervacat for the link!
I'll play with it a little more this weekend...
I've decided to definitely go to Minneapolis Community & Technical College this fall. Now I just have to decide one class, or two, and do I have enough ambition to successfully conquer a Saturday class?
Probably only gonna do one class for Fall Semester, so my dedicant studies with Circle of the Phoenix don't suffer...
I got to help Mom Foley make eggrolls on Sunday! They were sooooo good, even if they did burn the roof of my mouth. Now I understand why Tom can't eat eggrolls anywhere else after having his mom's homemade ones. And her fried rice is to die for!
Jeanine got her greyhound last week: Zoe. I love her! She's so pretty and mellow.
I have pics of these things, but I am feeling like Super Slacker Girl right now.....
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