August 3rd, 2003


My dad rocks!

I collect postcards. I've done this since I was a kid, and Dad would go on business trips every once in a while for IBM. It was usually Atlanta, GA or Washington DC. He would send me a postcard, even though he would sometimes beat it home. Ever since then I've just always collected them. I rarely got to travel before the last couple years, but when I did I would always insist on hitting a gift shop or convenience store to pick some up.
Anyway, his sister Betty died a few weeks ago and he was out in Washington DC with his brother Ken to pack stuff up and bring it back here to sell on Ebay so the money could be divided between all the siblings. When Betty's husband Roddey was still alive they traveled a lot and apparently she also liked to buy postcards because Dad set all of them aside in a pile for me. I just got them today. There are about 75 different ones here from all over the world.
Just a few of the places: Egypt, Jerusalem, Turkey, Greece, Norway, Mexico and Switzerland. There are also some art ones from the Louvre including the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.
Edit: Was just at Dad's house, and now I've also got one of the president's plane. Did you know that in 1976, it wasn't called Air Force One? That year it was known as "Spirit of '76" when the president was aboard.
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How cool is this?
Right now I have photo negatives in my house of Bob Hope! Nine rolls of film shot in 1975 when he was in Washington DC. They include him testifying before congress for something, rehearsing a show, and visiting injured soldiers at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Can't wait to get into the darkroom with those!!
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