August 24th, 2003


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Thursday was spent printing & matting photos. I was very impressed with my stuff, seeing it all laid out like that.
Friday I went to the Zoo with passaddhi and I bought an individual membership. It was only $30, so if I go 2 more times in the next year it will have paid for itself! Got lots of cool pictures that I will upload to soon.
Pagan Pride was today, and unfortunately I think that having it during RenFest really hurt attendence. I didn't sell any pictures, although I did get many compliments. And M. wants me to do his business cards next time he needs some because he wasn't happy with the ones he paid a lot for, and he was impressed with mine! Not too bummed about no sales because there really weren't many people there to shop.
We have no air conditioning. According to the original invoice it was installed back in April 1975. chebutykin was only 2 months old! So at least it lasted a good long time. It is too hot in here, so I am abandoning the computer.