September 11th, 2003


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OK, just a quick summary of my life of late, just so y'all don't think I'm dead or something.

Thursday: Booked it up to Grand Casino Hinkley right after work to see Uncle Kracker! Got to touch him! He totally f*cking rocked!

Friday: Didn't get to see coworkers baby because she wasn't feeling up to it because he had cried all night... Ran some errands, cleaned the house a little, and then met Kerry at a bar in St. Paul where she was with friends. Only had 3 screwdrivers, but I was WASTED! I guess it had something to do with not eating anything all day, and they were uber-strong. Don't remember most of driving Kerry back to her mom's. We had White Castles, and we talked about sex.

Saturday: My alarm went off way too frickin' early. Dawn picked me up and we headed down to Canterbury Park for Fan Jam. An all day concert on one of the hottest days of the year isn't as much fun as usual if you are hung over! But, I got to meet Montgomery Gentry!! They are a country music duo; Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry. And Troy is HOT! Even better up close & personal. The picture of me with them kinda sucks cuz the chick who took it cut off everything but our heads! This was a digital camera with an LCD display. How tough could it be? You can't even see that Troy is holding Moose! But other than the headache that wouldn't go away, it was a good day.

Sunday: My alarm went off way too frickin' early. Picked up Michelle & headed to Shakopee. Met Kerry, her mom, and her nephew at the Rennaissance Festival. Was surprised at how many people there I knew, cuz I didn't know a lot of them 2 years ago which was the last time I was there. I saw passaddhi, pisces3857, silmarrion, Peter, Katie, Deav, lexiphanic, jmanna, barda, realsarah, mle292, vorrant, Eric Lee, and of course, Kerry's brother Damon. I think I'm forgetting some people... It was fun, but I was sooooo sore! We were there from 9:00 to 6:30. Brought Kerry home with me.

Monday: we had no specific plans with Kerry, other than lunch at Khindo. This would be at 1:00 so that the car could get it's oil changed at the same time. This was the plan anyway...Collapse )
So, we then decided to just wander Dinkytown before taking Kerry home. I took her to Magus Books, and she bought a couple things. After getting her home we pretty much crashed instantly.
I had school on Tuesday, and then it was today. So that's what I've been doing lately.
I have pictures from FanJam, and from RenFest, but I am much to lazy to post them. So that will just have to wait. Sorry, monkey-boy.