October 2nd, 2003

lump yawn

Hey look! Three posts in a row!

The pictures in the previous posts are also up at fotopic in the "Sharon's pictures" collection.

Moose is back in the U.S.! So is genevra. They got home from Italy late last night. I can't wait to see the pictures!! I am so jealous of my moose, going to Italy without me!

Apple is making me very cranky. Or Airborne. I'm not sure which is currently to blame. My laptop is either still at Apple but the shipping label has been generated (if I believe the Airborne person) or at Airborne in Taiwan awaiting customs inspection & it just doesn't show up in the tracking system yet because it is international (if I believe the Apple person). Either way, it is not here, and it won't be here tomorrow. My ipod sat in Shanghai waiting for customs to clear it for over a week. Airborne says that is because Apple marked it regular freight instead of express. It's now in the US awaiting US Customs approval. So far I have been less than impressed with Apple's ability to get me what I ordered. I wouldn't be so annoyed if they had told me when I placed the order that it would be over two weeks.

Over a month into school and I am still really enjoying it. I like my teachers & have been very impressed with them and the program. I have already decided that the two classes I will take next semester are Typography and Intro to Graphics Software.

I watched the Angel season premiere last night & I really, really enjoyed it. I have seen pretty much all the Buffy episodes, but I've only seen Season One & the first disk of Season Two of Angel. (Hey, not bad considering I hadn't seen any before they released Buffy S1 on DVD!) So there is a lot of stuff I don't know, like the entire Connor story line, and who the heck was Lilah, and who is Fred, and how did Cordy end up in a coma? But, Joss Wheden is such an amazing writer that it didn't matter. It was just a really fun episode. And had several great quotes! Thank you minervacat & notmonochrome! I wasn't sure if I was going to watch it or not because of the whole gap in my viewing thing, but I knew you would be talking about it so I figured that I should watch it because I would find out what happened anyway! I think I'm going to have to fit in a second viewing this weekend!

And now it is the time when we sleep. Good night kids. It's friday tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!
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