October 27th, 2003


Getting ready for Halloween

I had to carve a pumpkin for CotP's Samhein celebration this Friday, and I decided to get overly ambitious and do two of them using the nifty pattern books that I picked up on clearance last year. The first one has carvings on the back too, specifically to generate a cool shadow.

Of course, I don't think I've actually carved a pumpkin since high school, maybe even junior high... And back then I didn't have to deal with cleaning out the pumpkin. That was a job for mom & dad, and I just had to carve.
I just have one thing to say about cleaning out pumpkin guts:

I was so squicked out by it that I grabbed some rubber gloves to wear so I wouldn't have to actually touch it! But once they were gutted the carving wasn't so bad. I was actually impressed with how they came out, so I think I will enter one in the carving contest at work. Which of the two should I enter?

Yay! A dead frog!

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hellbob gives you 18 dark blue spearmint-flavoured gummy worms.
mcbarnes1970 gives you 19 dark green pineapple-flavoured gummy fruits.
michaellee gives you 18 dark green lemon-flavoured jelly beans.
nicepersonality tricks you! You get a pencil.
wiredferret gives you 10 light orange peach-flavoured jelly beans.
zerbie tricks you! You get a pencil.
hellziggy ends up with 81 pieces of candy, a piece of paper, a dead frog, a pencil, and a pencil.
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