November 12th, 2003


Yay! I got an error message!!

Chiana is alive and well! :) There hasn't been too much posted about it, cuz, well, she didn't work...
As briefly mentioned in my last post, Chiana had developed the annoying habit of freezing up randomly for no appartant reason. So I called Apple Support. Several times. Each time we did something different and thought the problem had been solved, then a little while later it would happen again. I even went down to the Apple Store last night to have it looked at in person instead of over the phone. I was there for 2.5 hours and we thought it was fixed, but as soon as I got home it locked right up again.
I had given up hope of it being something relatively fixable and figured I'd have to have it sent in for repair, but I decided to call in again today. I got through pretty quick, but after looking at the file the dude decided it was time to bump me up to second level support. One of the first things he had me do was run a different disk test than all the others I had done. Apparently there was some kind of an error with my RAM. He had me open up the computer & take it out & put it back in, in case it was just loose, and after I did that I ran the test and there was no error message! So it was probably loose for some reason. And if it does lock up again I'll just run to the Apple store and make them replace it.
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Weekend part 2

OK, now that I have computer again...

So Saturday, I hung out, I chatted, I watched a couple games. Dinner came around 6:30ish, and it was much tastier than last years, but the delivery system was less than optimal... I watched the lunar eclipse for a while, it was cool. I played a charades type game that I can't remember the name of. You have teams of 2 and each person picks 4 of the 6 cards they are dealt, and all the cards get shuffled together. Then each team takes turns going through the pile to get as many as they can before the timer runs out. Then the next team goes, etc. The twist is that you go through the same cards 3 times. The first time you can use as many words as you want, and gestures, and your partner can make as many guesses as they want. You can't pass though. Then, after all of them have been gotten, you start round two, where you can gesture all you want, but you can only say one word. your partner also only gets one guess. Then for round three, you can't even say one word anymore. So you have to try to use gestures and hope that your partner remembers what's out there. Can't remember the darn name of it though...

I went out by the fire pit for a while. I sat by the hot tub, but wasn't ambitious enough to go change to my suit. I chatted in the con suite for a while, and had one of Roadkill's yummy grasshoppers. Again, I must mention that Roadkill & Mrs. Roadkill Rock! They do such an amazing job with con suite! later that night it was decided that I must have my toenails painted. Stephanie did them, and they are a cool color changing green/blue/purple color. I eventually pumpkined out, but Chiana was behaving, so I got a little work done. Then I slept! I really missed have a hellbob to cuddle up with (not to mention missing out on hotel sex!) but there was also something really nice about having the room to myself and not having someone complain when I slept with the light on! :)

Sunday I woke up at about 9:00 and packed all my stuff up after showering. After a quick wander through Bear Room and down to consuite I determined that chebutykin and cajones had not yet joined the land of the living. Breakfast in the consuite was "make yourself some eggs if you want them" so I got in line behind jmanna and she offered to make me a 'porthole' which is what her family calls it when you cut a hole in bread, put in in the fry pan, and put the egg in the center to fry it. It was yummy!

Then I wandered out to the front desk and told them that I was ready to check out, but that I couldn't haul my stuff out until Muskrat Love brought me car keys. I then took Chiana into the Bear room and was working on my Christmas newsletter when the Muskrats came in. chebutykin bestowed her keys upon me and then wandered off to kill something for breakfast. I loaded my stuff up, dropped off the key and headed to the car. I didn't get very far before the bald eagle across the street was pointed out to me. I quickly rushed to the car to drop off my shit, grabbed my camera, and rushed back to get pictures. He was just hanging out in a tree! So I took a picture, moved closer, realized I should put my camera on the rapid fire mode, took another picture, and he flew off before I could move closer again. So I just followed his flight as best as I could with the camera and I got a few good flight shots too. Not great, but pretty good for spur of the moment! I headed back in, loaded the pics to Chiana to see them better, and several people oohed & awed over how cool Mr. Eagle was.

I was then talked into playing Spree, which is a game where you break into the shopping mall, steal stuff, shoot your friends, steal there stuff, and just basically run amuck! It was fun! After Spree there were a couple rousing games of Apples to Apples. This game is way cool! You are given noun cards, and there is also a pile of adjective cards. Each turn a different person is the judge and they pick the next adjective card and as they set it down they say "Show me something that is ___" filling in with the word from their card. Then everyone has to try to put down the best choice from their hand face down as quickly as possible, because it is like musical chairs with the last card in being out of luck. The judge then looks at everything that was thrown in and picks the one they think is best or funniest or weirdest. It is totally up to them. And if they seem to be waffling between a couple people will try to argue for one over another. My two best successful arguments were that Killer Whales are Delicious and Antarctica is Nerdy.

It was pondered that how would one know that killer whales were delicious, and I said it was obvious because they are cute! I've discovered as I grow older and try new things that the cuter an animal is, the better it tastes. Cows are cute, but baby cows are even cuter. Beef good, veal better. Also rabbit = yummy, lamb = yummy, deer = yummy. So, killer whales must be delicious!
For the nerdy one, he didn't really feel that any of the choices were particularly nerdy, but I pointed out that Antarctica has lots of penguins, and penguins are the symbol for Linnux!

When we were done with Apples to Apples it was pretty much decided that it was time to hit the road. We said our goodbyes, piled into the Soul Processor, and listened to more Soylent!

After hitting town we stopped in briefly at Arkham so I could see it! Cute house. Need's a toilet though! :)

And that was Omegacon! I have pictures that I will forward to windelina.

Oh, and there were tons of LJ people there who I either recognized by icon, or I had seen posts by them before. It's so nice to put real life faces with online faces. A VERY incomplete list of some of the LJ people who were there is:
wiredferret, silmarian, windelina, moneygod, petsnakereggie, michaellee, lucyruthe, jmanna, davidkingsley, chebutykin, cajones, alisgray, dddragonlady, picses3857, birdfigment, redbird23, barda, magicmarmot, ethel, and probably many more people...

So, in summary, I had fun! :)
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