December 6th, 2003


The donkeys stole my soul

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! Puzzle Donkey is driving me insane! (OK, maybe that should say MORE insane! Frickin' cryptic crossword clues.
I think I need to quit for a while in hopes that inspiration will strike when I next look at it! Or that dakegra will get to this one and solve it quickly with his weird British brain cells and give me the answer out of pity!

Kitty update:
Gabe's thyroid level is still slightly high, so he has been started on thyroid medicine. 1/2 pill once a day. He doesn't like it so much. When the vet was telling us a little about the radiation options I think we scared her a little. She was talking a out how it gets expensive because you have to board your kitty until their waste is no longer radioactive. hellbob was cracking jokes like "Would we be able to bring him home if we were gonna keep him in a lead box?" and "We could wrap him in tin foil" and about the disposal of the radioactive poo, hellbob's suggestion was to just ship it to North Korea since they want to become a nuclear power. My suggestion was that we could probably find plutonium or something on the internet and do it ourselves. Because his hyperthyroid is still so mild, the doc said we may be able to save some money because they may be able to use a lower dose which would be cheaper and also less boarding time. But for now we are just gonna do the pill thing. Poor old man!
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