December 10th, 2003


This class has been brought to you by the letter A

I had my final class for Layout & Design tonight & our final was a layout that we had to design & finish during the class time. I'm pretty happy with my final results. Based on my scores throughout the semester & how I think I did tonight I am 99% sure that I got an A in the class.
Then I came home and finished up my Color Theory journal so I can go drop that off tomorrow. We haven't really had anything graded in that class yet other than the midterm, which I got a low A on. So I'm not as positive of an A in that class, but I'm pretty sure that the lowest it will be is a B.
Now I've got about a month off, and then I start the next semester.
Rick talked to the doctor who does the radiation therapy for our vet clinic. He says that Gabriel is the perfect candidate for this treatment because he's still very healthy and we caught his hyperthyroid very early on. He is also very willing to work out a payment plan for us, because he knows how unrealistic it is to expect people to come up with hundreds of dollars at the drop of a hat to spend on their cat. It sounds like they do what they can to try to make the cats as comfortable as they can during the stay, but we wouldn't be able to visit Gabe while he was there, because it has to be a secure area because of government regulations. We can send favorite toys & such with though, so he will have Crunchy Frog to play with. I just don't like the idea of Gabe having to stay away from home for 2 weeks without being able to go see him. Stoopid nuclear poo!
We have so much pretty snow out there! We'll see how pretty I think it is tomorrow when I'm snowblowing it!
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cold feet

When I am typing I can't keep Gabe off of my arms. Why can't I teach him to lay on my feet to keep them warm instead? stupid untrainable cat!
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lump yawn

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Hee! Apparently iJournal remembers my mood from post to post, so I've been "barely awake" for days!
Off to get the Saturn worked on. Hope it's cheap, since there is this little holiday called Christmas coming up...
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BTW, dakegra, I am on 1.2.8, and 2.1.19.
I was positive that 2.1.19 was either rank or military rank....
But I was wrong...
I hate donkeys!
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So, I know you are all just sitting at your computer saying to yourself, "Self, what should we buy hellziggy for Christmas?"
Actually, this post is mostly just to give hellbob an easy reference point if anyone asks him what to get me.
So, I've got an Amazon wish list. Yes, there are insanely expensive DVD box sets on there amidst the other stuff. Anyone who gets me those will have my undying love and affection, but they are mainly there for me to keep track of what we will buy after winning the lottery.
In addition to the Amazon list, I would also like Killer Bunnies Red expansion, and Killer Bunnies Purple. They have a trilogy edition of LOTR risk out, but I haven't found anything about just an expansion for the LOTR risk that came out last year based on the first 2 movies. If there is such an expansion we are interested in that, but not the whole trilogy game, cuz we have the one from last year.
Oh, and I would also like Ben Affleck, Patrick Stewart, or Adrian Paul. So if you could arrange that, that would be great.
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