December 25th, 2003


Merry Christmas!

I had a pretty good day. Started out way to early, so we could get to mom & dads house for presents and breakfast. Dad had his old train set up around the tree this year. It's really weird because he had never done that before, but just yesterday I was thinking that I should have him get it out.
I got money from mom & dad, because mom HATES to shop, and she is lazy. We haven't gotten actual gifts from her for years. From my brother and sister-in-law I got a fuzzy fleece Eeyore blanket, and from genevra and Jason I got the game Apples to Apples, which we played a bit of before Paul & Jen had to leave. Then I taught Killer Bunnies to genevra and mom, although they liked Apples better.
After that hellbob and I headed off to our traditional Christmas day movie. This year we went to Paycheck. Of course you know I liked it... Mmmmm. Ben Affleck in a tank top working up a sweat! It was a pretty good movie. The first half was really well done. And Uma Thurman got to show off some of those fighting moves she learned while training for Kill Bill! The movie could have been drastically improved though by putting in more naked Ben. Well, actually, any naked Ben. Hell, I'll even settle for half naked Ben!
After the movie it was off to Rick's sister's house to just hang out and visit. His dad & step-mom were also there. It was nice to chat, and we'll be seeing them again on Saturday for his extended family's xmas.
And now I must go to bed because I have to work tomorrow and hellbob doesn't. Grr.

Note to self: Must make a Ben icon! His prettiness should be seen and admired by all!
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