December 31st, 2003

Chiana & Gabe

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Ok, so I guess I should have been more specific in my picture pondering. I do know the theory of putting pictures in, but I couldn't get the properties option when clicking on photo so I wasn't sure if it was something specific to our gallery server... Apparently it is a mac thing. It doesn't give me a properties option when right clicking, but it does have a copy url option, which I shall try at home when I have an actual LJ client to use (I hates typing html!)

Happy Frickin' New Year

Effective Feb 2 I won't have flex time at work anymore. Yep, that's right. No more working extra hours to get to leave early on Fridays. We are on a rotation that allows us each to do it for only 3 months. Guess which 3 months I got...

I know, you're thinking that it would be nice to have flex in the summer, for nice long 2 1/2 day weekends. Yeah, it would be. But I got Nov, Dec, Jan. The 3 frickin' coldest & darkest months.
Yay! I'm out of work early! I'm going to go hibernate now!

They can just kiss my big fat white ass. This was the benefit that was keeping me here. If it is gone, so is any incentive to stay. If I'm working 5 eight hour days it might as well be somewhere else!!!

This post really needs lexinatrix's giving the finger icon!!!
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