January 6th, 2004



I called in sick to work today although I wasn't really. I had some cramps, a little bit of a headache, and a whole bucket-load of apathy. The apathy won & sucked all the inertia out of my going-to-workness. But I did brave the sub-zero temps to go get my school books for next semester. Go me! Charging books to financial aid is my new hero! And I got one of hellbob's books too, and ordered his software that he will need!
One of my required books is the Robin Williams Mac OS X Book. It should be useful for me anyway, even if I didn't need it for the class. Unfortunately it is the Jaguar edition, but the Panther edition won't be out until March 2004... l
Balanced the checkbook. Ug. How depressing. I remember once upon a time there used to be money in there. Cheb, are you sure you don't want to keep giving us checks every month? Things will look better in 2 weeks when aforementioned financial aid comes through.
Rick & I ordered new cell phones. One of them showed up today. I'm betting that the other one will be here tomorrow. We haven't really been unhappy with AT&T Wireless (other than the unpleasant surprise that Siren, WI is roaming...) but T-mobile is cheaper for the family plan, they have the no-roaming if you are in any T-mobil area thing, and most importantly, we got really cool phones for $100 each and will get $200 rebates for each, for a net profit of $200!

Also, I know everyone has been having difficult job-type situations lately, but I am looking to get out of where I am. The main problem with the job hunt is that I don't currently have any sort of a "career" going. I am working an accounts receivable/data entry position right now, my previous job was accounts payable, and before that it was retail/photo-finishing. I'm studying Graphic Design, but don't have any degrees of any sort yet. So if you hear of anything that you think might be interesting, could you let me know? I have computer skills as far as working with things like microsoft office and most of the basics, but I don't really know anything about the networking side of it.

And now I should go to bed, because I really shouldn't let apathy win again tomorrow!
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