January 9th, 2004


I've been there!

I just watched Angel S3E21, "Benediction", and when Gunn & Fred took Connor to the beach, they went to Santa Monica Pier. This picture of Rick & Moose was taken in darn near the exact spot that Connor stood! (The Moose icon too)

I really really really want to go back to California again! If only the airlines didn't make you pay for tickets!!

Now where did I put that winning lottery ticket???
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Grr, Argh!

I was settling in for my daily Angel fix, but I was denied! Yesterday they had the S3 finale. Today, instead of S4E1 it was S1E1! I didn't want to watch the pilot! I wanted to see how they get Angel off the bottom of the ocean! Stupid TNT. And the one show a week that is on S4 is halfway into it. So I've got it set to record the once a week S3 in hopes that they will continue with S4 instead of going back to S1. It's so disappointing to have your hopes of getting to see sexy dark brooding vamps dashed because of network stupidity. *sigh*
But in happy news, I have been playing with Chiana's icons and Spike with those incredible cheekbones has replaced that goofy looking finder face that apple uses. :)
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