January 26th, 2004


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create your own visited states map

If you do this, you have to fix the code cuz there's a mistake. After you paste it but before you post it you have to remove the / that is after the br.
I have visited 24 states which is 47%. Also, there may be more east coast ones that I don't remember, due to being just a kid.
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Yay! It's lunch time!

If I had any doubt that it was Monday, this morning would have proved it.
Started out ok, was getting out the door mostly on time, a little early even. Walk to the garage thankfull that the snow is shallow enough to wait til after work to snowblow. It is very pretty out.
Then, disaster strikes...
I open the garage door. There is 1 bronco, but no car. Moment of panic, then a Homer Simpson "D'oh". The Foley's vehicle was in the driveway when I got home last night so I parked on the street and forgot to garage the car when they left.
So, the ONE night the car sits outside is the one with the most snow all winter. Ok, so I have to brush it off. My fault for being dumb.
I trudged down the driveway in the not so pretty anymore snow and discover that part of my car was brushed off... The part where the cop tucked the parking ticket under the wiper... Crystal does not allow on street parking from 2 am to 5 am. Ever. Not just winter.
Snow is definitley SOOO not pretty anymore!!
Not only did I have to brush off the car, but I will get to pay $33 for the priviledge of doing so!
Finally on the road a little behind schedule, and get to the Hwy 100 ramp and it is backed up! There are no meters. This is a ramp that doesn't back up! Bad sign.
I was on the road for over an hour, arriving at work at 8:30 instead of the required 7:45... So, hellbob, I won't be leaving here until 5:45, but I will snowblow when I get home, so DON'T DO IT! Or I will feel guilty.
Arrive at work, try to go in the side door I always use. No key card or punch card in purse. I remember taking them out of bookbag with checkbook, coin purse, etc. All the other stuff did make it into my purse. So I got to trudge back up the stairs and around the building to the door that doesn't require a card. And now I am here, and it is lunch, and lunch is good.
I am so ready for a do-over!
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