March 1st, 2004


Hobbits and Wizards and Rings, oh my!

Obligatory Oscar post:

Yay, 11 for 11! It's sort of unfair to anything else good that was out last year, but I'm so glad LOTR did so well, because basically the last 2 years when they didn't get any of the big awards we've all been going "next year. They'll get it next year" and there is no more next year. Ian didn't bring a pretty boy toy this year. :( Unless of course you count those four hobbits.

Billy Crystal was back! For me, Billy Crystal is the Oscars. I really don't usually like him in anything else. He annoys me. But I LOVE it when he hosts the Academy Awards!

genevra (with Angel & Spike in tummy) and Michelle came over to watch. We were so looking forward to oohing over the beautiful dresses and making catty comments about the hideous ones. But it was a very average fashion night. Not really any standouts. We did totally love Angelina Jolie's dress, but she was apparently cold all night... The ugliest outfit was by far Uma Thurman.

Did y'all catch the Tiger Woods/Caddyshack ad? F'ing brilliant!
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