April 19th, 2004



hellbob & I are going on vacation to Washington State! We'll be out there for just shy of a week! We're gonna see his cousin and her family, and she wants us to spend a night or two with them in Seattle, and then we'll be heading up to Birch Bay, which is just spitting distance of the Canadian border.
No specific plans of what to do yet, so anyone who is familiar with the area, we will gladly take suggestions! :)
Most likely we'll fly out of Mpls on the afternoon of Fri, June 4th, and we have to be back by the evening of June 10th because I have to work on Fri, June 11th.
I want to go whale watching! And I want to go to Canada! (I've never ever been out of the US) And I want to take cool nature pictures! And I'm sure that hellbob wants to go to that funky Music Experience museum thingy.
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