April 24th, 2004


No work for me!

Yay! I am on vacation until next Friday!
Yup. I don't have to go to work tomorrow or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday!!
Some of my time off goals:
Class tomorrow morning
Throw baby shower for genevra, Spike & Willow on Sun (And if you were invited and haven't RSVP'd....grrrr!)
Clean/organize the spare room of doom into a room of bookshelves and such
Visit the Memorial Blood Center vampires to get drained of 2 pints of platelets
Take college math placement exam to hopefully avoid having to take a math class (although if i can't pass the algebra test it should just prove that i really don't need it, because I passed 16 years ago so if I can't do it now that means I never had to use it and thus it is not neccessary in my life!)
Balance the checkbook & pay bills
Take the Saturn in for an oil change
Take Lump in for shots
Trim and/or remove the annoying flat evergreen thingies in front of the house

having a cool mood theme makes me keep trying to use different moods because all the pictures are different!
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genevra just called to tell me that one of our friends was found dead on his living room floor. We don't know any details yet.
Shit. Way too fucking young!
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I was doing the random journal thing, and one of the journal names that popped up was living_binary.
Nothing too extraordinary about the journal, just some linux chick who doesn't post much. But the name... John, the friend who just died, was a geek. No, more like Geek. All the guys are computer geeks with different areas of expertise. Besides being a Lotus Notes guru, John was also a big fan of binary. He even had a watch that could be set to show the time in binary. he could read the damn stuff. So of course the fates would make that name show up out of the random hundreds of thousands out there.
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