May 29th, 2004


Just a quick post...

...with lemur pictures. They're kind of blurry because there were too many people around for me to set up good shots, and it was kinda dark.
This one is a ring-tailed lemur

and this one is a red ruffed lemur

also, we got to see Tortoise sex

You can see much better pictures of the lemur cuteness at the Minnesota Zoo website
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I ran to Best Buy with hellbob & Tom to get a fan for Tom's computer & while there, copies of LOTR:ROTK and Buffy Season 6 just happened to come home with us. So I am watching Once More With Feeling right now! Yay! I've only seen this one once before! I'm not sure which makes me happier: Watching Spike sing to Buffy, or knowing that I can use the DVD to get yummy screenshots of Spike looking hot in that red shirt!

And I've also been working on the dragon for lexiphanic. Which version of Illustrator do you have?
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