June 3rd, 2004


Since hellbob is gonna be doing Elizabeth Hurley...

My darling hellbob found a site called CelebMatch.com that will use the oh-so-scientific method of biorhythms to figure out which celebrities are most compatible with you. Here are my lists... I'm not really sure who the top dude is... Ricky Martin would be kind of fun to use for a while. :) When I saw that Ice Cube was on there I had to ask Hellbob if he's the one on L&O:SVU, cuz I can't keep Ice Cube & Ice-T straight. I know who's who, but I can never remember which Ice name goes where. Too bad. Even though he's not good looking there is something totally do-able about Ice-T...
My top five dudes:
Justin Chambers 99%
Corey Haim 98%
Ricky Martin 98%
John Rzeznik 98%
Ice Cube 97%

My top five chicks:
Tia Carrere 99%
Marisa Tomei 99%
Kaori Ohara 99%
Jane Allsop 98%
Steffi Graf 97%

So, time to check out the names on *my list*
Ben Affleck 69%
Patrick Stewart 69% (With a 100% match on intellectual)
Adrian Paul 76%
Kevin Smith 69% Just noted the birth date. This is the other Kevin Smith, the one who played Ares on Xena & Herc, not Silent Bob. :(
My fifth is Martin Zellar, who isn't on the list, so I'll have to go with an alternate for him & one for Kevin Smith...
Denzel Washington 74%
and I couldn't decide on just one so I did both:David Boreanaz is 61% and James Marsters is 62%, so if I go for both vampires at once it is 123% compatable!
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