June 4th, 2004


"Send her a get well card from Seattle. Let's get the hell out of here!"

Well, hellbob & I will be getting on a plane in less than 24 hours!! Yay! I LOVE traveling even if the whole packing/did I forget anything thing can be a little stressful. The only thing left for me to pack (I think!) is a selection of DVD's to keep me occupied on the plane.
I've got magazines, I've got books, I've got birth certificates, I've got flight & rental car info, I've got Moose, I've got my "real" camera and my digital camera, I've got genevra's extra battery & compact flash drive for the digital, I've got Chiana, I've got clean underwear. What am I forgetting???
Oh well, I always forget something! Headphones! Must remember to take headphones when I leave work tomorrow!!
Unfortunately we have lost our tour guides for our time in Seattle. We will be spending Fri & Sat with Rick's cousin & her husband. But Derek had to go into the hospital earlier this week and ended up having his gall bladder removed, so since he'll be in the hospital Annette will have to spend time there while dealing with the kids. But she did promise to give us detailed directions on how to get to all the cool stuff. :) We also managed to score a full size rental car (read: Rick size rental car) for only $15/day!
I'm not sure if we will have web access at any point, so y'all may or may not hear from me for the next week... And you can pretty much assume that I will have tons & tons of pictures to share when I get back!
Y'all have a great week!

And genevra, no babies until the 11th!!!!
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Longest day, evah......

Longest day, evah......
*bleah* :P

Hey, Steph, feel free to eat the loaf of bread we left on the counter, as it will be stale by the time we get home. Also, you can have the milk in the fridge as long as there's still enough for Gabie's pills. And the spinach & celery too. I don't think they'll last until we get home.

Why is "twitchy" not a mood choice?
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