June 21st, 2004


Life in brief

Saturday went over to genevra and akdar's house with hellbob for a couple hours of baby cuddling! The babies are still cute! Have not come up with obnoxious nicknames to annoy genevra yet...
Then we met Mark & Joe for the movie Dodgeball which I liked WAY more than I expected. I thought it would be one of those that HB just loved & I thought was just ok, but it was really funny!
Sunday was Litha. Not too many people, very low key. Not too hot, no rain, it was good weather!
See, nothing exciting here, but nothing bad either.
Except that I'm all crampy. Grr. Hate cramps. Can't take advil yet either because I'm going to visit the vampires at Memorial Blood Center after work. Bleh. Cramps also mean that HB & I didn't bring an extra time-delayed souvenier home from Seattle.


I started to develop a headache towards the end of the day, and I thought it might be from lack of caffeine because today was the first day I tried caffeine free after cutting back the last few weeks. A Diet Mtn Dew didn't help though. And I couldn't take any aspirin because of the aforementioned blood appointment. So, the first thing I did after I was done was down four of those puppies and they didn't help! Grrr. It's not a pounding I'm gonna die type headache, but it is just enough to be annoying. Bleah.
I asked the nice vampire ladies what I was at for pints because I figured I would be somewhere near 5 gallons. Nope. I am at 46 pints, which is only 2 pints away from SIX gallons! That's a lot of blood!
I think I need to go to bed soon. My head hates me!
I'll be on vacation next week from Tuesday all the way until the 5th! So I have to, have to, have to go take the math assessment test at MCTC so I can register for fall classes!
Sandy, do you still have this year's Turbo Tax on your machine? If so, can I bring this years tax file over to reprint, cuz the Windows 98 on our machine is FUBAR'd and we need the tax info for our financial aid apps.
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