June 30th, 2004



Dear LJ,
Please stop being a be-yatch, and start loading faster. Also, those comments in my post? Could you email them to me like you are supposed to? That'd be great.
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Borrowed from hellbob and dakegra

Take the first word of your last dozen or so posts. Use either the first word of the post or the first word of the title, and see what you get. Add punctuation if it helps...

Dear, They see if he Ssssssssss, I Grrr. I curse. Growl. Life say "quack"!
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Here we are now, entertain us...

OK people, I'm kinda browsing the web as I sit here at home sewing. I need entertainment and LJ is sucking.
So, a quick question...

Who will be at CONvergence this weekend?
If you're not going, why not? (And "because I live in England" is not a valid excuse!)

In other news, Venom ER on animal planet is kind of creeping me out. I'm so glad our cute little snakes at work are harmless and not any of the SIX poisonous types that they have in southern California...
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Live Journal is compensating us for being such a be-yatch the last few days!
All paid members can get some free time. Two weeks free, or 2 months if you purchase a 6 or 12 month account.
The reimbursement page is here:
Oh, and if you are planning on purchasing more time to get the 2 months, make sure you don't click on the extend 2 weeks button first, you have to go back after purchasing the time.
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