July 29th, 2004

Snoopy Dance


Alright kids! It is summertime in Minnesota & you know what that means. Valleyfair! After the dismal failure that was a company picnic in the parking lot last year my company has brilliantly decided to go back to Valleyfair again this year.
So, if you have vacation time you are dying to use and you want to spend the day riding roller coasters & falling from great heights feel free to join me & hellbob & lucky13charm on August 20th!!
It is a Friday, and I can't get anyone but hellbob in free, but if anyone wants to join us we can meet up there.
We will ride Steel Venom. Oh yes, we will.
Oh, and if it's hot we will also have an afternoon interlude in the water park.
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The Rules

Do not go to this site if you are not prepared to laugh yourself silly! It is a list of the rules posted on the fridge at the Xavier School.
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Link from mhuot

With all the talk about how Kerry should be ashamed for protesting the Vietnam war after serving four months there and getting wounded three times I can't believe those same Republicans pretty much ignore the fact that GW not only used daddy's influence to stay stateside, but didn't even bother to show up for duty.
Anyway, here is a link to a timeline that shows Kerry's military service side by side with George W's "service"
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