August 17th, 2004


Hey, I'm still here...

I just haven't really posted much lately, but i am still around.

Friday is Valleyfair day! Does anyone wanna meet me, hellbob, and lucky13charm out there for a day of roller coastery goodness? I can't wait to try out Steel Venom!

mesmericone, we need to figure out some time to get together for the moose exchange. I'm free pretty much every night this week, I think.

For those who haven't read about it in hellbob's journal, the main thing in our lives right now is that he was just diagnosed with diabetes. We don't know yet if he is going to need insulin, or if the glucophage pills will be good enough. The main focus right now is to get his sugar count down & then once that is stabilized they will plan his treatment.

School starts on Monday. So starting next week I won't be around on Mon, Wed, or Thurs.

All else in my world is still pretty much the same.
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