September 16th, 2004



Yet another late night... But, I am quite pleased with the way my web page for my Dreamweaver class looks. No, it's not actually out there on the web for y'all to marvel at. I'm not even sure if it'll be accessible off campus after I upload it tomorrow. If it is I'll set up a link for y'all.

mle292, I sent ya the email w/my street address.
hellbob, if when I forget to tell you about the Entertainment book, just smile & nod when mle292 shows up tomorrow looking for money. The check will be on the Bronco.

Gabriel is half way across the living room and I can hear him snoring!

Had a fantabulous time yesterday w/notmonochrome & nicepersonality. We met Nice & Not at Big Bowl for yummy Aisan food & much chatting about things like bachelor parties and naked ladies and Las Vegas. Then we headed on over to Southdale for pretty Aisan movie. We saw Hero and we were all in agreement that it was very good and very pretty. Of course, it was raining fairly heavy when we left. Nice & Not ran off to their car, but hellbob & I looked at each other & said "We watch Mythbusters. We know that running won't keep us any drier" So we strolled over to our car. I think that did keep us drier, because it also prevented puddle splashing. And then we came home & I did homework. My life lately can pretty much be summed up with "What'd you do last night?" "Homework"

And here I am updating this silly thing instead of sleeping. Time to remedy that!

G'Night all!
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"Valium, prozac, and ritalin. Breakfast of champions."

Waaaaaahhhh! I need drugs! I was running low on Ritalin so I called my shrink to get a new prescription. I picked it up on Monday and figured everything was ok. Then I tried to fill it last night... It is dated with an effective date of October 1st!
Grr! He knows I have ADD, so it's likely I won't remember to call until I'm either almost out or I am out of Ritalin. My chart shows that the last prescription he wrote for me was a 3 month one, at the end of May, which means that the mail-order pharmacy would have filled it around the 1st week of June or so. That was 3 months ago. Why does he think that I don't need more 'til October?
So here I am, working 40+ hours/wk, in school with over 10 hours of class per week plus homework, and I have one Ritalin tablet. Yup. One tablet for the next 2 weeks! I'm not very good at math, so can someone please explain to me how this works?
I'll have to call the office & hopefully talk directly to the doc. I need my drugs!
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