September 29th, 2004


Quick fly by post, as I am at work on lunch...

Went to Shaun of the Dead last night with not_monochrome, nicepersonality, hellbob, cheeky_lemur & her boy. It was very, very good! I will have to do a more in depth post with spoiler alerts later. We also had another yummy dinner at Big Bowl with Not & Nice before the movie. Kung Pao chicken & noodles. Mmmmmmm.
With an hour to kill before the movie & after dinner we went to look at shiny things at the Apple store. One of them followed me home!!
hellziggy has an iPod now!! Yay! It is one of the 15GB ones, because it was a returned one that was much cheaper! Two of the many Scotts from OmegaCon were there working, and we were chatting with one of them and he went into the backroom and checked the magic box to see what kinds of discounted stuff he could find. Even though the iPod was an open box return, it comes with the exact same warranty as a brand new one! And hellbob also got a case & a USB connector for his iPod, both at half price. Horray for Scott & his magic Apple box!
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