November 1st, 2004


It's 5:00, do you know where your pants are?

Since class starts in 1/2 hour I s'pose I should go find some pants...

I think I have my assignment ready to turn in. Oddly, I don't feel as well rested as I should for having had the day off. bleh. At least the homework is done.

Hooray! The Green Bay Packers won yesterday!
No, I wasn't coerced into saying that... They were playing the oh so politically correctly named Washington Redskins, and tradition is that the last game before the election if Washington wins, the incumbent party wins, if Washington loses, the opposing party wins. Go Packers!!

Now, off to find pants.
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Bad hellziggy!

The entry in which we learn that hellziggy should not be trusted to remember dates & times...

This last weekend was Samhain, and I was really looking forward to my group's ritual. I even took Monday off work, figuring it would be a late night. The only flaw in this plan is that ritual was actually on Saturday. I had Saturday marked on my calendar but somehow my brain decided that it would be Sunday.
I discovered my stupidity on Saturday night when it was too late to do anything about it.
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