November 7th, 2004


homework (again!) Calling all writers!

OK, I think I have figured out my final project for Dreamweaver.
No, really.
I think I've got it this time.
I'm going to redesign this site. (Museum of Questionable Medical Devices)
It is interesting & cool & has enough links and such & I should be able to do something really neat with it. Also, it is local, to make research & any pictures I need easy, and they haven't updated it since 4/29/03.

Now, I need some help from you writers out there. I seem to have an abundance of them on my friends list.
For one of my other classes, Quark Xpress, I have to design an 8 page document for my final project. It can be pretty much whatever I want. It doesn't even have to be 8 "pages." For example, if it included a business card, that would be one page, as would an envelope.
One thing the teacher suggested was to take a favorite book & design the cover, the title page, the table of contents, chapter headings, etc.
This got me to thinking (yes, I know, rare occurance!)
If I had a short story I could basically create a little booklet out of it. It would be cool for it to be original fiction (and the author would get copies of the final project of course!) or if none of y'all are up to providing something, any ideas of a favorite short story that is already out there would be appreciated. If it is an existing story, it would be fabulous if it were online somewhere so I wouldn't have to type up the whole thing...
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