December 3rd, 2004


Top 5 dream jobs

minervacat's weekly top five list this week is Top 5 dream jobs:the jobs you would want if time, money, talent, skills were no option. The jobs you might never have or even logically, realistically want, but the ones you think "Damn, that could be a lot of fun" about. And do not let this depress you! It is not depressing! It's a fantasy world! Those are two different things entirely!

1. Philanthropist I want to be filthy stinking rich so I never have to worry about money and still have enough to throw gobs & gobs of it at worthy causes.

2. National Geographic Photographer, or just plain Travel Photographer There are so many places I want to go see (like pretty much everywhere in the world but Detroit and North Dakota) and I have no money for this and so someone should pay for me to go.

3. Google Search Guru I'd love to get to just spend all my time googling for stuff and researching for people. If it's out there, I can usually find it with Google.

4. Zookeeper and/or Exotic Animal Trainer This is what I was going for with my Zoology major in my first attempt at college. Damn you Chemistry & Calculus!

5. Professional Stalker Of course I would stalk only the hottest stars: Ben Affleck, Patrick Stewart, Ben Browder, Spike & Angel, etc
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"You belong in a good old fashioned college with keg parties and boys. Not here with Hellmouths and vampires."

I've got some stuff planned for this weekend, but for the most part I will be Homework Girl. In Dreamweaver class tonight Peter, Tom & I all came to the realization that next week is the last week for the most part. The following week is finals week and most of the Graphics night classes don't meet that week because the teachers don't want to.
So I have one more Photoshop class on Wed, with my final project due. That project is to do a web page splash screen animation as an animated gif, and a QuickTime movie portfolio of the assignments we've already done for class.
I have one more Dreamweaver class on Thurs and I have to have my entire Museum of Questionable Medical Devices site done. (MINIMUM of 25 pages, preferably closer to 50)
I have two more Quark classes (this teacher is the exception to the no class finals week rule) with an annual report due this Monday and a 8 page project of my choosing due the following Monday. I'm doing a cookbook of the recipes for stuff my department brings in for pot lucks.
My main focus this weekend will be finishing the annual report for Quark and then pounding my way through as much of the Dreamweaver site as possible. The Photoshop project can be started and finished on Tuesday. The final Quark project can be done next weekend.
Sleep, well, I'm not really sure where that fits into the schedule!
But, if I survive this week, I've got the next Mon & Tues off. Heck, even if I don't survive it I've still got those days off work. Tuesday is my annual Christmas Shopping Trip of Dooooom with my cousin Janet & my sister Sandy. Janet & I started the tradition of shopping on a Tuesday in December back when we were both working at Proex & it just happened to be the regular day off for both of us! Note in my previous post that Assistant Manager of Proex was not listed in my top 5 dream jobs. Been there, done that.
I'm going to attemt to go get a reasonable amount of sleep now. Nighty nite!
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Jon Stewart

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Waldenbooks & Borders have 9 books that they are putting on sale for 50% off today, tommorrow & Sunday. I don't remember what the other 8 are, but one of them is Jon Stewart's America. So, if you were planning to get this as a gift for anyone this would be the time to do it.
*note* This is not a hint to buy it for me or Hellbob as a gift because I need immediate gratification. I shall buy it tonight for myself!
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