December 16th, 2004


Woo hoo! It's only 1 am!

I was kind of expecting to have to be up way later than this for my homework. My site is as done as it is going to get! I'm expecting that this class might be my first grade lower than an "A" since going back to school. But, it was also the toughest one I've had. Bill is a fairly easy grader though so I don't think I'll get lower than a B. The web may be a neccessary evil but I'm not sure I like designing for it. I enjoyed doing stuff for Photoshop ever so much more!
My site is currently uploading to our server space & when that is done I'm gonna take a quick spin through it & hopefully (cross your fingers everyone) call it done. There are huge parts of it I just didn't get done, but at this point I don't really care!

w00t! I just checked the upload status & all appears to be working!
The url is

Now I just need to put it on my iPod, and tomorrow I've gotta run into campus to upload it to the school site from there & then I can forget about the damn thing!
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hurry up!

I love my account, especially now that I have Aeryn Sun, my iPod, but the
It takes forever for it's pages to load (and this is with high-speed connections!) and you can't do the command-click thing to open multiple pages in multiple tabs. Argh! But my happy little iPod now has the latest Janet Evanovich smut/humor/romance book loaded up for me at work tomorrow! And I'm finally headed to bed!
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