December 19th, 2004

Jon Stewart


So Rick asks me at noon today, "When is your family's Christmas?"
Me: "What day is it today?"
Him: "Sunday"
Me: "No, no! What is the date?"
Him: "The 19th."
Me: "Oh crap! It's today."
Him: "What time?"
Me: Run into the living room to check the email. "Gather at 2:30, eat at 3:30. We're bringing Tequillaberry salad"
Ok, this is doable. We don't have any of the ingredients for the salad, but we have time for me to shower, shop, and make the salad. And wrap the present. It's 2:15 now & we're ready to go.

I can't believe I forgot Christmas!! I'm blaming the lack of snow!
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