December 24th, 2004

Gabe yawn

"Tom, you're so deep in the closet you're finding Christmas presents."

It was a present wrapping frenzy. Ok, maybe not a frenzy, but I just wrapped an awful darn lot of presents. hellbob & I went out to finish the last of our shopping after I picked him up at work. We bought lots of stuff. There was very minimal buying of the stuff for ourselves. I did buy the trilogy of Myst games though, since I have very few games for Chiana and I've never played any of the Mysts.
We don't have any plans for tomorrow or Saturday. All our Christmas day plans got moved to the day after. I'm pretty sure we're gonna see at least one movie tomorrow. Most likely Unfortunate Events.
But now, it is time to sleep.

"You're running to catch the bus naked? That's a dream. Army of vicious vampire creatures? That's a vision."

I've been working my way through the Buffy Season 6 & 7 DVDs. I think I might have been watching too much of it though since it invaded my dreams last night. In my dream we went to a convention which was probably CONvergence since it was at the Rad South Sheraton and all the usual suspects were there. The Buffy part was that the convention guests were the dude who played Warren and Alison Hannigan (with a really cute shorter haircut).
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