January 12th, 2005

Wish I Was Dead

Make me feel better!

I am having a craptacular day.
The easy stuff I started with at work that should have taken about 1/2 hour ate the first 4 hours of my day.
I'm still not registered for a second class.
Capella still wants money for Hellbob that we don't have.
I'm probably PMSing so all depression is tripled.
We've got four hours of Mandatory Fucking Overtime that must be done by Saturday here at work again. And it won't even be overtime pay because of the getting sent home early on Monday.

Tell me something that will cheer me up.
You can tell me something wonderful about me (lie if you have to...)
or something wonderful about life & the world in general
or post a pretty picture.

*edit* and my extra user pics have expired so their random inactivation has made my favorite Spike "Bite Me" icon unavailable.
I am going to crawl under my desk, k?
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