February 2nd, 2005



Driving in to work today, I turned the corner from one city street onto another headed for the highway, and the traffic was stopped on both sides. I could sort of see flapping wings & my first thought was "f**king Canada Geese. Just run them over." Then I got closer. It wasn't geese.
It was 3 wild turkeys!
I've never seen wild turkeys just hanging out on the road, especially not in the suburbs. It was cool! Unfortunately since I didn't want to be late for work I didn't have time to pull over to take pictures. Dammit! This is why I carry the camera with me at all times and I couldn't even take advantage of it!
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So Gabe who was hyper-thyroid a year ago with elevated levels and a rapid heart beat now has normal levels & a normal heart beat. After being off the drugs for a few months.
Weird cat!
I think he was faking it, but then he heard us talk about nuking him!
He also definitely doesn't have the hyperactivity symptom or the weight loss symptom!
Other than his teeth he's in perfect health right now!
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