February 3rd, 2005

Affleck Angel

Wild turkey attack! Film at 11!

The turkeys were there by the side of the road again this morning so I pulled onto the side street to get some pictures. The male decided to do his manly duty and guard the females from me. Even when I pulled the car forward he was right there chasing me. I got pictures that I'll put up when I get home.
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What's in your wallet?

dakegra posted a list of all the stuff he found when he cleaned out his bag. He then asked what we had in our bags.
Holy crap I have a lot of stuff!

Here is the list:
Small notebook for school (both my classes don't require many notes)
3 flyers from Michael's Craft store (they each have a 40% off one item coupon!)
The Mar 2005 issue of MacAddict
The book Stitch 'n Bitch
my journal for writing random thoughts, book & music recs, etc
A Canon G3 digital camera (currently with pictures of wild turkeys on the CF card)
A Canon Rebel film camera, 28-80 mm lens
A 70-300 zoom lens
A box of Kodak Plus-X ASA 125, 36 exp film
A box of Kodak T-Max ASA 100, 36 exp film
hellbob's 1098-T tax form from his school
A pay stub from Jan 31 and one from Jan 14
my stuffed moose
a package of disposable vinyl gloves
an extension cord
a PowerBook power cord
an iPod, it's headphones, and it's power cord
My change purse w/about $10 plus odd change, my library card, my checking card, my drivers license & my Caribou Coffee card.
My Handspring visor PDA
one can of diet A&W root beer
a bottle of Ritalin (methylphenidate 10 mg), about 80 tablets
half a book of stamps
a roll of color film to be dropped off for developing
blue highlighter
yellow highlighter
green pen
several black and blue Pilot P-700 ink pens
2 sharpie markers, black
a partially full pack of gum, Extra Winterfresh flavor
a compact flash reader
various hair doodads
mini first aid kit (mostly just band-aids)
and a ball of yarn about the size of a baseball attached to a scarf that is just over 6 feet long & two knitting needles.

This isn't even going into all the miscellany in my wallet such as AAA card & insurance card, etc. Also, I didn't take *everything* out since I'm at work so I could very well have missed stuff.
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Just went out with the girls for the afternoon smoke break.
Holy Fuck is it nice out!!!
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"Did I ever tell you kids about the first Thanksgiving? It took place between the ancient Egyptains

Here are the promised turkey pictures:

On my way to work the morning of Feb 3rd, I saw 4 wild turkeys hanging out by the road.

There were at least two females & one male

also, there was this one. I'm not sure if it's a really butch female, or an immature male

When I pulled up to take pictures the big male decided he was going to keep my car in line

he didn't actually attack my car

but he stayed right next to it, even when I moved

gosh, these things are ugly!
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