February 14th, 2005


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Well, it was an eventful weekend, to say the least.
Saturday hellbob & I joined mhuot, lexiphanic, shrique, and GunBoy at John's house to help John's sister with the computer stuff. It was strange for me & Rick because we had never been to John's house while he was still alive.
Afterwards we went to Timberlodge for a steak dinner & a round of one of John's favorite root beers. It was all going pretty well until I was just about done with my steak. I had just taken a bite & was chewing it when it somehow jumped down the back of my throat. It was completely blocked and I could not breath at all. Just as I was realising that it wasn't moving a woman across the aisle noticed my problem & I also hit Rick to get his attention. He did the Heimlich. It took 2 or 3 tries but he got the steak loose. I was just shaking becuase I was so scared. I was also completely embarrassed. The restaurant was FULL & we were right near the lobby where there was also a large crowd of people waiting. You know in the movies, when someone is choking & after they do the Heimlich whatever they were choking on flys out & bounces off the walls & into someones drink? No. Your abdomen is getting squeezed so you also throw up. Like I said, scared but embarrassed.
So Sunday I just layed around, developed a roll of film and watched a lot of tv.
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