February 21st, 2005


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Now that my supervisor at work is starting to listen to me more when I tell her that while I just can't make the times at work on some applications, there are some that I can just blow away the expected times & that they should give me the stuff that plays to my strengths because they legally have to, my stats are MUCH better. In 6 1/2 hours I've gotten enough done to satisfy the requirements for my 9 hour day. Which means that even if I go at an average speed the rest of the day I'll still be way ahead. And that's not likely to happen because I just got more of the same stuff I had been working on & my tracking of work times & productivity has shown that when I am on one thing my time gets faster & faster as the day progresses. It's having to change between one thing & another that makes my ADD brain crap out & fail.
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Just a reminder...

There is this little award ceremony thing happening on February 27th... the
Academy Awards.

I am planning to watch the entire darn thing on my gigantic tv and any of
y'all who want to ogle pretty celebrities & mock ugly dresses & cheer for
the winners who deserve it & curse the academy for those who don't are more
then welcome to come on over!

I'll have munchy type food, possibly crockpot type food and we'll most
likely order pizza because it's a good thing to have someone else bring food
to you! We've got Tivo so we can pause to eat, and we can avoid commercials.

but wait, there's more...

I like playing board games & card games, and I know a bunch of you do too so
I have decided to have a game night on that Sunday afternoon before the
Oscars. I've got Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples, Killer Bunnies, Risk,
Cranium...  Feel free to bring your favorites also (Settlers of Catan would
be good because people like it but I don't have it & don't know how to play
it yet...)

So, the details...

What: an afternoon of board games followed by the Oscars
When: Feb 27th, noon-ish until the Oscar pre-show starts for the games & then the Oscar viewing
Where: Rick & Sharon's house (AKA the HellHouse)
           2922 Kentucky Ave N
           Crystal, MN 55427
Who: duh... you!
Why: Cuz it's fun!

You are welcome to come early for the games, or later for the Oscars, or
just stay for both, but let me know so I know how many people to

*Allergy warning*
We do have two HellCats so if you are allergic to people of the small furry
persuasion be sure to bring your Clariton!